Changes in MCA C&I Taxonomy - 2016
»Draft C&I Taxonomy 2016
»List of changes in C&I Taxonomy 2016

Changes in MCA C&I Business Rules - 2016
»List of changes in Business Rules based on XBRL C&I Taxonomy 2016
»Draft Business Rules based on XBRL C&I Taxonomy 2016

XBRL - 2015
»MCA XBRL Validation Tool 3.03
»MCA XBRL Validation Tool 3.03 (User Manual)

How to use MCA XBRL Validation Tool?

Check this page for a detailed explaination how to use MCA XBRL Validation Tool

We are providing ...

Free* tool for MCA XBRL validation and removing of errors. No matter which software you have used XBRL data entry, just upload XBRL output to bigVALIDATOR and start validating.

It describes the error in an elaborated manner and help users to correct the errors in one-go. Understanding the errors of MCA Validation tool is very difficult. The In-built Validation Engine of bigVALIDATOR is designed in a manner which will help users in fast removal of errors. For making it more easy, errors have been categorized in 4 heads, users can correct these errors in a sequential manner.